From the Founder

Assalamu ‘alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarrakatuh,

Homeland Indonesia is blessed with huge and largest archipelago in the world, certainty with very wide air space, which must be entwined for the greater progress and prosperity of the people of Indonesia.  Air transport is a vehicle for empowerment that can strengthen the relationship between the regions, improve national economy and increase endurance as a nation.  The need for air-transportation must be filled by Indonesian itself, in improving competitiveness for self-reliance in the production and directing the domestic and regional markets. Through R80 Regioprop program, we’re designing and manufacturing regional turboprop aircraft to fill the needs of the market, provide jobs for the youth of the nation, to build a strong network among stakeholders aerospace and revive national aerospace industry. Congratulations and have a good work for Indonesian aerospace industry.

Wassalamu 'alaikum Wr. Wb.
Prof. Dr-Ing.  B.J Habibie

Company Overview

Indonesia, as the biggest archipelago country in the world is such an attractive market for air transportation industries to connect 17,000 islands and to facilitate 250 million people mobility among the region.

RAI was founded in 2012 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. BJ Habibie to answer the market needs through the development of R80, the New Generation Turboprop Aircraft by relying on innovators and experts who have experiences in aircraft developments.

This R80 program will empower the potential industries and national aerospace institutions in Indonesia and also building the international connection supply chain.

  • To become a leading company regionally and internationally that develops aircraft, to achieve a sustainable growth by meeting market and customer requirements, and to see from concepts towards flight.
  • To contribute in the development of national and international aerospace business, and to stimulate the domestic economic growth of Indonesia.
  • To develop a sustainable and profitable aircraft manufacturing business, which upholds good governance principles.
  • To develop competitive regional aircraft products in our target market segments both in terms of technology and economics.
  • To develop national, regional and international partnerships in the aerospace sector.

Board of Management

Dr.-Ing. Ilham Akbar Habibie, MBA

Professional Experiences

  • Founder and CEO, PT Ilthabi Rekatama (Investments)
  • EVP Commercial, PT IPTN (Aerospace Manufacturing)
  • Program Manager N2130, PT IPTN
  • Aircraft Design Engineer, Boeing Company
  • Assistant Professor for Fluid Mechanics, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Non-Profit Organization

  • Chairman DETIKNAS (National ICT Council), Working Committee
  • Vice-Chairman, Research and Technology, KADIN (Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Chairman, Institute of Democracy through Science and Technology, The Habibie Center
Ilham Akbar Habibie

Didit H. A Ratam

Professional Experiences

  • Mr. Didit Hidayat Agripinanto Ratam recently appointed as RAI Vice Chairman since September 2020. He holds BS in Gas Engineering from Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta in 1987, MBA major in International Business from George Washington University, USA, in 1989, and Doctorate degree in Business Administration major in Finance and Economics from Boston University, USA, in 2000.
  • Director of Finance PT Energi Mega Persada
  • Finance Director PT Pradamitra Intrapersada

Non-Profit Organization

  • Indonesia Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Russia Committee
  • The Habibie Center - Treasurer
Didit H. A Ratam
Vice Chairman

Agung Nugroho

Professional Experiences

  • Director of Technology/EVP PT DI
  • Head of CN235-330 Program, PT IPTN
  • Chief of Engineering Design N250-100, PT IPTN
  • Chief of Aerodinamicist N250, PT IPTN
  • Consultant of various aviation consulting works for Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia
  • Director PT Ilthabi Energia for renewable energy development

Non Profit Organization

  • Founder of Masyarakat Energi Angin Indonesia
  • Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia
Agung Nugroho

President Director

Agung Banu Ismadi

Professional Experiences

  • Vice President for Aircraft Sales, PT Dirgantara Indonesia
  • Marketing and Administratiron Director of PT Nusantara System  International, Jakarta
  • Aircraft Structure Engineer, CN235,  at PT IPTN
  • Aircraft Structure Engineer, A310, A320 at Messerschmidt-Bolkow-Bloem (MBB) Germany
  • Project Director for varoius aviation consulting works to Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia

Non Profit Organization

  • Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia (PII)
Agung Banu Ismadi

Director of Business and Administration

Adik A. Soedarsono

Professional Experiences

  • Adik A. Soedarsono is a Director of Production for PT. Regio Aviasi Industri – since September 2020; He was President Director of PT. Pindad – a state-owned company specializing in military and commercial products (2007 – 2013). He graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology, and obtained his PhD degree from University of Missouri – Columbia, majoring in Engineering Management;
  • Most of his activities are for coordination to have the optimal operation and the governmental institutions for having the best policy applied to the strategic industries.


Adik A. Soedarsono
Director of Production

R80 Program

R80 / The New Generation high speed Regional Turboprop Aircraft
The lowest operating cost in its class, R80 offers high dispatch reliability, advanced avionic for increased safety, high comfort for passengers; and it is environmentally friendly.
Comprising of 3 Phases


  • Market Study and Preliminary Design
  • Feasibility Study & Main Vendor Selection
  • Business Planning & Investor Participation


  • Detail Design & Prototype Development
  • Flight and Ground Testing for Certification
  • Product Support Plan & Development
  • Industrialization


  • Serial Production
  • Sales and delivery
  • Product Support
  • Further Development/ Next Program
Building the Ecosystem
Along with the development of R80, RAI  builds the aviation industrial ecosystem through a long term strategic cooperation with several institutions and related national and foreign companies.
  • Higher Capacity
    R80 is designed to carry 80 - 90 passengers.
  • Lower Direct Operating Cost
    Optimum structural design, efficient engine, together with its higher capacity will result a lower operating cost per seat mile.
  • Quicker Turnaround Time
    is provided with 2 entry doors for passenger, 2 service doors and 2 separate cargo doors shorten the turnaround time.
  • Modern Cockpit Design
    The modern cockpit with "more space less unit" concept has been applied to the R80 design. Advance graphics and reconfigurable windows screen are included.
  • Excellent Passenger Comfort
    A spacious cabin with excellen cabin arrangement and low noise level will give a maximum passenger comfort.
  • Fly By Wire
    The lastest technology of fly by wire applied will result in high quality aircraft handling and safety.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    R80 will meet the aviation environmental standards and reduce ecoglogical footprint for the entire aircraft life cycle.


General Specification
Cabin Cross Section
Front View
Side View
Cabin & Cockpit Configuration
Cabin Configuration
Cockpit Configuration
Potential Customer
  • NAM Air
    A subsidiary of Sriwijaya Air, the third domestic largest Airlines in Indonesia, becomes RAI first launching customer to order R80 aircrafts (50 aircrafts as firmed order and 50 aircrafts as optional). NAM Air will operate R80 as a feeder for Boeing 737 which are currently being operated. RAI and NAM Air signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) at 26th September, 2013.
    An Indonesian private own company, the specialist of turboprops services operator in eastern parts of Indonesia (Papua, Maluku, Kalimantan).  In the years to come, Trigana intends to use R80 to enhance and upgrade their fleet and performance. The signing of the Letter of Intent (LOI) to purchase R80 took place on 18th June, 2014 as many as 10 firm orders and 10 option.
      An Indonesian Aircraft operator based in Jakarta and Banjarmasin, giving air transportation services to oil and mining companies, as well as to other parties on charter bases. Aviastar has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to purchase R80s with fix order of 5 units and option of 5 units. The LOI was signed on 1st February, 2017.


|25-01-2023| Audiensi Komisaris Utama Dan Direksi PT RAI Kepada Menteri PPN/BAPPENAS

Audiensi Komisaris Utama Dan Direksi PT RAI Kepada Menteri PPN/BAPPENAS

   Audiensi Bappenas

Komut dan Jajaran Direksi PT RAI melakukan audiensi kepada Menteri BPN/BAPPENAS


Pada tanggal 25 Januari 2023 Komut dan Jajaran Direksi PT RAI melakukan audiensi kepada Menteri PPN/BAPPENAS, bapak Suharso Monoarfa yang didampingi ibu Amalia A Widyasanti Deputi bidang Ekonomi. Dalam pertemuan itu dibahas tentang status dan rencana selanjutnya pengembangan pesawat terbang regional turboprop R80.

Pengembangan R80 merupakan insiatif swasta yang didukung Pemerintah sejak tahun 2014 dan pada tahun 2022 yang lalu Kementerian PPN/BAPPENAS telah mendeklarasikan Peta Jalan Pengembangan Ekosistem Industri Kedirgantaraan Indonesia 2022 – 2045 (Roadmap Industri Dirgantara) dimana program R80 menjadi salah satu program yang diunggulkan.

Beberapa hal yang dihasilkan dari pertemuan tersebut antara lain:

  • Kementerian PPN/BAPPENAS akan melakukan road show ke Kementerian/Lembaga terkait untuk memastikan follow up dari Peta Jalan Pengembangan Ekosistem Industri Kedirgantaraan Indonesia 2022- 2045. Dengan road show ini diharapkan dapat menjaring dan menguatkan dukungan untuk kerjasama riset dan membangun kemitraan strategis baik dengan instansi/perusahaan di dalam negeri maupun internasional.

  • Pembentukan Project Management Office (PMO) yang khusus untuk pengembangan R80 sebagaimana direkomendasikan dalam Peta Jalan Pengembangan Ekosistem Industri Kedirgantaraan Indonesia 2022 - 2045, melalui suatu komite di bawah Kementerian Perindustrian.

  • R80 termasuk dalam kategori pesawat terbang turboprop berkapasitas <100 penumpang yang menjadi pilar produk dirgantara di dalam Peta Jalan Pengembangan Ekosistem Industri Kedirgantaraan Indonesia 2022 – 2045 dimana potensi pasar R80 termasuk yang prospektif di dalam negeri maupun di luar negeri, namun memiliki kompetisi yang cukup ketat dengan pesaing sekelasnya.

  • Kebutuhan RAI untuk membangun kerjasama strategis dengan mitra produksi dapat difasilitasi Pemerintah dalam bentuk endorsement tanpa ikatan.


Dengan beberapa hal di atas yang merupakan komitmen Pemerintah diharapkan dapat memperlancar pengembangan program R80.

|21-11-2022| Bappenas Luncurkan Peta Jalan Pengembangan Ekosistem Industri Kedirgantaraan
|28-10-2022| Luncurkan Buku, Ilham Habibie: Dirgantara Ujung Tombak Strategi Industrialisasi
|19-11-2021| RAI is granted the DOA Class C Certificate
|10-11-2021| Ritech Expo 2021
|13-10-2021| ATR42-500 Pax to Cargo Quick Change Version
|25-09-2021| Technofest Exhibition 2021
|20-10-2019| R80 Ergonomic Flight Deck Mock-Up
|20-11-2017| Qatar Diaspora Supports the Development of BJ Habibie's Aircraft Design
|16-11-2017| IPI has attended the R80 Airlines Working Group
|07-08-2017| Crowdfunding To Develop Prototype R80 Aircraft
|22-06-2017| These are some of the new projects that enter the National Strategic Project Acceleration
|16-02-2017| R80 aircraft have received LOI for 155 units

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